NYSC Training Session

I recently joined NYSC (New York Sports Club) for the winter since my apartment complex’s gym was washed away during hurricane sandy.  With this new membership I was allowed 1 free personal training session with a trainer.  I quickly set this up with a nice guy named Nate from AK (likes country music… huge plus in my book and recently single, for you single ladies!!)  Let me tell you kids, this session seriously kicked my running butt!

It started out with a brief discussion about my hopes and dreams  fitness goals.  I told him I wanted to get faster.  Let’s be serious a sub 4 marathon will not happen on its own!

He took my resting heart rate and blood pressure. I have never focused on my target heart rate before so it was a really good thing I met with him.  I learned that when I work out I should be between 152 and a 176. He said 176 is 85% of my capacity.  This will come in handy when I start to pick up my speed.  (You can find your own by using this handy website. But make sure you know your resting heart rate to make it more accurate…http://www.runnersworld.com/target-heart-rate-calculator)

We then proceeded to the exercises, which consisted of the following for a total of 30 minutes.

  • Regular crunches (not sure how many reps as he left me to pick up the other equipment we’d be using)
  • Bicycle crunches (30 sec – 1 min)
  • Toe touch crunches to the front and then to the sides (20 x 2) (you know the ones where you lie on your back with your legs in a pike position)
  • Leg Lifts (20 x 2)
  • Leg lifts to the side (15x 1) (where you lie on your back, legs in the air and they throw them side to side – super fun and super shaky at this point)
  • Pelvic Thrusts – regular & 1 leg on a medicine ball  (30 x 3)
  • Plank (30 sec – 1min)
  • Plank hip dippers (as I call them) (15 on each side)

Then we went on to work on arms…

  • Front lifts, V Lifts & Side lifts with 5lb weight (15 each x 2)
  • Push-ups or modified push-ups on one of those half-bosu ball thing-a-ma-bobs (15 x 2)
  • Rows (15 x 2)
  • Box Jumps (30 x 3)
  • Jumping jacks with giant rope (15)
  • Rope drumming (this has to be the technical term) (30 secs. x 2) (you sit in a squat position and beat the heck out of the floor with those giant ropes)

I’m really glad I went since I learned some great new moves to work on.  I’m not sure if I’m the personal training type, maybe if I won the lottery, but Nate was a great guy! (seriously, single ladies. Get in there). I’m just hoping I can lift my wine glass later tonight!


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