Eat Healthy & Work Out Regularly

To say I am sore from my personal training session on Saturday is a huge understatement.  You can read about my experience with this session here.  It hurts to cough, sneeze, laugh, open a jar or turn over in bed.  I can run 8 miles right now.  Not a problem! Probably even more than that, but add in any other type of exercise and I’m a sore mess.

Since the NYC Marathon was cancelled that fateful Friday in November, all my motivation and discipline has been thrown out the window.  Training for 6 months, getting mentally prepared to run 26.2 miles only to be told as I was waiting in line to pick up my bib at expo was a blow to my system emotionally and physically.  What it meant to me was that all my hard work and dedication was for nothing, all the money I raised to support the American Cancer Society was for naught. (Thankfully the money still went to the organization andI get an auto bid into 2013. Phew!!).

After that day of drowning treating myself to a bottle of my favorite Indaba Sauvignon Blanc I told myself I would be good and continue to eat healthy, drink maybe a bit less (yeah… right.  Lets be serious, the name of the blog has wine in it), keep my mileage up and sign up for the last long run of the 2012 season with NYRR.  One of those happened.  This Saturday I will be running  the Ted Corbitt Classic a 15k in Central Park, the longest since my long 20 mile tune-up. #yikes (can we hashtag in blogs? No? OK. I’m doing it anyway. Such a rebel).

In an effort to keep my miles up and be a better runner than this past year I’ll be starting a new year’s resolution early!  Why wait!? Eat healthy & Work Out Regularly.

Tonight’s plan is yoga at 8!

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