Wine Down Wednesday – Indaba Sav. Blanc

Wine Review…

Those of you who know me, know I love a good glass of wine (hence the title of le blog).   It doesn’t have to be expensive.   I’m not all that picky and my bank account prefers the less costly ones anyway.  My absolutely fave “go-to” wine right now is this bad boy.

Below is the description that comes with said wine.  There is no way I would know all of this from tasting it.  I will caveat this review by saying I am by no means what-so-ever a  sommelier, expert or wine snob… but a girl can dream, am I right?!  I mean look at this description… seriously. “a racy jolt of acidity” who comes up with that?? wordsmithing geniuses.

“Refreshing gooseberry, citrus and tropical fruit flavors are backed by a racy jolt of acidity in this crisp, clean Sauvignon Blanc. Notes of bell pepper and fresh cut grass follow through on the zingy finish. It makes a great partner for salads, crabcakes, grilled vegetables, and citrus-accented seafood dishes.”

Pros: Its easy on the wallet, light, smooth, crisp and extremely refreshing. Best time to drink it would be after a stressful day at work or hanging with the girls.
Cons: Not always at my local watering hole, people think I bring them cheap, wine because of the classy screw top (screw top is the new cork!). Its like trying to make fetch happen, its never going to happen… for some people.

Wine accessory of the week

I’m just  loving these monogrammed stemless wine glasses I found on Etsy (here). Perfect for your favorite wine-o.

$36 on Etsy! A great holiday gift idea for wine lovers!

3 thoughts on “Wine Down Wednesday – Indaba Sav. Blanc

  1. OMG LOVE IT! Also, I can’t really tell if you like or don’t like screw off wine bottles…I, personally, am not a fan. From years of working in a restaurant, alright already, you got me – from years of drinking hundreds of bottles of wine, I have mastered the skill of cork-removal and for some god-forsaken reason, I really like doing it, so when I get a bottle of wine with no cork, I make a mental note not to get that one again. (oh, also I like to make crafts with the corks! Wall art, jewelery holders, coasters…you know, the usual 😉 )

  2. Hey, just because it’s got a screwtop doesn’t mean it’s a bad wine! My wine-I’m-loving-right-now is the Wild Rock Pinot Grigio, a screwtop, and on sale it’s $8… but when it’s not, it’s $20 per bottle – not cheap in my book, hahah! Though I do need to start buying more corked wine because my inlaws got me a giant wine glass (bigger than my head) that i intend to fill with corks!

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