I recently signed up with elf4health through the fabulous blog nutritionella.  I joined a little late but nonetheless it is still an extremely effective way to get into the groove and focus on getting healthy.

It is a 6 week challenge that runs from the Monday after Thanksgiving through the first week in January. There are daily tasks, daily winners, prizes, etc.,  etc.  As I mentioned, I joined late in the game but am still reaping the benefits of a giant support group!  They even have a Challenge calendar that wakes me up every morning with what I need to do that day.

This week’s challenges were the following:


Since I’ve been doing so well on this week’s challenege I wanted to share with you my progress!

Monday – I spent the entire day in el baño, you’re welcome for the over share.
Tuesday – I went all OCD on my fridge, it didn’t hurt that the old ball and chain was working late. See the before & after below. I apparently love Tupperware.

Wednesday – I ate the farm & then tweeted/instagramed about it

veggie tales

Thursday (Today) – I bought one lucky man a cup o’ joe at sbux this morning he was both appreciative and thought I was hitting on him, so there’s that.
Friday – Is work out with a buddy! I’m loosely interpreting this to be ice-skating with friends in Bryant Park followed by window shopping & wine…

What are you doing to stay healthy during the holiday season?

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