Hold Your Loved Ones Tight

Hold Your Loved Ones Tight. SandyHook, Sandy,

Hold Your Loved Ones Tight.

I did not have the chance to post at all about the events that transpired on Friday.  Having attended the University of Connecticut for my undergrad degree I have many friends from the Newtown/Monroe area, my first ever friends at UConn lived/live in Newtown.  But it really hit close to home when I realized one of old UConn Women’s Club Lacrosse Girl’s moms is a teacher at the school.  I cannot imagine having to live through this and I constantly pray for the survivors to find peace in the wake of this devastation.

Even with everything going on I was able to meet my friends in the city that night for some girl/shopping/wine/dinner time but it was a crazy day.  I came home that night to several news reporters sitting on my front stoop.  I live across the street from the murderer’s brother in Hoboken and while everything was unfolding I was home that day watching it unfold.   These news reporters were waiting for this man to come home so they could prey on him for information and a glimpse of him, they were vultures.  Let him grieve, he too suffered in ways no one could ever imagine.

Words cannot express the amount of sorrow I feel for the victims of this terrible tragedy. My heart goes out to everyone.

Hold your loved ones tight, you never know what tomorrow may bring.

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