Log Off. Shut Down. GO RUN.

I hoped to be writing this after the Ted Corbitt 15K in Central Park, unfortunately I woke up early saturday morning to have a date with the porcelain goddess. I’m not sure what I ate but it did not agree with me.  So the plan I had to run 9.3 Miles and stay in tip top shape failed me yet again.  With the exception of my progress in elf4health (which you can read about here.)  I have not been doing so well at keeping up with my fitness.  I’m hoping tomorrow will be a new leaf. Maybe if I keep saying it, it will actually happen?

Log Off. Shut Down. Go Run.

Log Off. Shut Down. Go Run.

I saw this on pinterest. I must try and keep up with it.

Is anyone else finding it hard to stay motivated?

3 thoughts on “Log Off. Shut Down. GO RUN.

  1. I love that wall decal or whatever it is!! Such a cute idea. I find it much harder to stay motivated in the winter months. I sign up for races in hopes of keeping my running going.

  2. Love the wall art. I’m running a marathon next weekend and the last few weeks of running training have been a motivational struggle. Sometimes, you need it staring you in the face.

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