Wine Down Wednesday – Goose Bay Sav. Blanc

Wine Review…

I recently went out with one of my engagement teams at work for a post-Q3 estimate dinner.  We went to a Kosher restaurant called “Le Marais.” I do not keep Kosher and am not Jewish but I work with a fair amount of people who keep Kosher.  The steak at this restaurant is pretty comparable to a good steakhouse. Good. NOT great. But good.

We ordered a few bottles of wine, I made sure we had at least 1 bottle of Sauvignon Blanc (obvy my fave!)  We ordered Goose Bay, this is a Kosher Wine as well. I think we actually had 3 bottles of this and my friend and I drank 2 of them… oops! Sorry, I’m not… Sorry?

Goose Bay Sauvignon Blance

Goose Bay Instagramed

Below is the description for this wine.  I’ve chosen to go this route since I’m not an expert and drank way to much to really remember.

“Goose Bay Sauvignon Blanc is produced using grapes harvested in New Zealand’s South Island. The long, cool growing season and clay loam soils have contributed incredible citrus fruit flavors and a crisp texture to this wine. Serve Goose Bay Sauvignon Blanc alongside fish, cheeses, and freshly baked breads.”

Pros: Beautiful Bottle (screw top for you haters out there), Light, Super-Crisp and Acidic. Great for those Kosher keeping peeps!
Cons: Sweeter than I like for a Sav. Blanc, the yellow tint was a lot darker than I usually like to see in my glass. Not really the best with steak (but that was my fault).

I didn’t pay for this wine, so I’m not entirely sure how much it cost. But I did find it online at where it is selling for $16.

Wine accessory of the week

In light of the holidays I just had to share this adorable wine accessory! I found it at Pottery Barn and obviously they are on sale for $7!! I love a good sale! This is definitely a great idea instead of hiding the bottle in one of those silver wine bag things. SERIOUSLY I cannot get over how freaking cute these are!

Wine Bottle Hats $7 Pottery Barn

Wine Bottle Hats $7 Pottery Barn


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