Seriously Ugly Race Pics

I was reading Runner’s World Online on Monday and stumbled upon what might be one of the more genius tumblr pages for RunNerds everywhere.  It’s called “Seriously Ugly Race Pics”. Here’s the link. Thank me later.

I’m not sure about you but I hate looking at my race pics, they are always terrible.  Terrible I say!.  Since we all could use a little Christmas cheer and everyone loves a good laugh, I thought I’d share with you MY “seriously ugly race pics” with a few not-so-bad ones thrown in there.

Below is a conversation that actually took place between my husband and I via GoogleTalk:

Me: well I’m going to embarass myself on my blog with my awesome race pics you know I always look good when I do the twist
LawyerMan: yeah you don’t really translate well to film while running”

SEE even he agrees with me.

Tell me what you think! Do you have any seriously ugly race pics?

p.s. not sure what the whole copyright deal is and I don’t want to be taken away in handcuffs…so here are links to the places I yanked those pics from. Atlanta Half Marathon , Brooklyn Half Marathon , Ridgewood 10K , Philly R’nR’ Half Marathon , Philly RnR Half Marathon 2011

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