Garmin & Wine Fridge

This year my family is celebrating 4 different christmases.  My baby sister got an amazing job opportunity to be a nurse at Duke University Medical Hospital but unfortunately that meant she would not be home on Christmas to celebrate with us. What that does mean is that we will go to my dad’s parents, my parents, hubs parents & back to my parents for Baby Sis.


Because of all the running around Hubs and I decided to celebrate our own Christmas early.  We went to a local bar,  ate wings & burgers, exchanged gifts then watched Love Actually. Best. Holiday Movie. Ever.  Its one our favorite traditions.

I was ecstatic when we exchanged gifts because Hubs got me a black and teal GARMIN 210 with a heart rate monitor and I got him a 15 bottle WINE FRIDGE.  This may have been one of the best gift exchanges for people who both like to run and drink  lots of wine… we know each other so well.

Garmin 210

Girlie Teal Garmin

I’m beyond excited to use the Garmin, track my runs on their website and monitor my exertion on the heart rate monitor. Then tell you all about it! GET EXCITED PEOPLE!!

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