Wine Down Wednesday – Bonneau Wine

Wine Review…

To make an incredibly long description on how I came across this wine.  I’ll simply say that my husband’s cousin in CA is related to someone that owns/runs/operates the vineyard that produces this wine. (I think thats the connection…could be wrong)  Anyway. They always send us bottles of wine to try.  This year we had several to choose from at Christmas Day Dinner. Lucky for me they sent us a Bonneau Sauvignon Blanc, which OF COURSE I gravitated towards.  Let me tell you… it was Tre Delicious!

Bonneau Sauvignon Blanc

Bonneau Sauvignon Blanc

Below is the description for this wine.

“Straw bright, generous aromas of lemongrass and asian pear; flavor notes of lemon citrus, grassy minerals and tart asian pear, with a viscous texture and bright acid over a focused finish.”

Pros: Tart, Crisp and Refreshing, LOTS of citrus flavoring. Supporting the Fam!
Cons: Not easy to get, heavier on the wallet.

You can find this wine by clicking here.
I promise I drink other than Sav. Blanc, in-fact next week I have Cabernet to tell you all about! stay tuned…

Wine accessory of the week

On occasion when we go visit our parents homes we hit up a wine & spirits store called Total Wine to stock up.  It has a great selection of wines and beers at all price points.  Each time we go I eye these Wine Cork holders, thinking, wishing hoping I could get one.

Cork Barrel Wine Cork Holder

Cork Barrel Wine Cork Holder

Fortunately enough Man-of-the-House and I opened a gift from his parents for Christmas and they gave us a Cork Barrel Wine Cork Holder!! Now we have a place to keep our corks and memories.

To keep memories of the times when you drank specific bottles of wine, you can use a Sharpie to jot down the date and who you shared the bottle of wine with! Then throw them in this cork holder. It is a great conversation piece and allows you and your family to take a walk down memory lane every now and then by reading through the corks, triggering happy memories of good times and good wine.

Great idea!!

My only question is can we do this with screw tops?? Or is that tacky wine-o no-no?


P.S. I’m not being endorsed by any of the merchants listed in these posts, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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