Heart Rate Monitor Sport Bras

I may have mentioned that I was so excited to get my new heart rate monitor (HRM) and Garmin watch for Christmas… if you didn’t know, here’s the post.  Now, I’ve watched my hubs wet his HRM strap and put it on his chest a million times over but it never occurred to me how on earth I would put that on being a woman, with boobs (“they’re real and they’re fantastic”) and a sports bra (SB) to hold them in place.

After about 5 minutes in the mirror analyzing how on earth this confounded strap would work, I opted with the monitor strap under the bra strap option. I chafe on the regular so I was curious to see how this would fair.  Let. Me. Tell. You. I was a mile in on my run when I turned to the hubs and muttered something along the lines of…

“Mother-Trucker get this trucking thing off me!”  

(I did not actually use the word “trucking” get creative, we gotta keep the language kid-friendly on le blog)

I then ripped the HRM off and shoved it in my pocket rendering it useless.  After my run I came home feeling defeated and skinless but determined to find a better way.  There HAS to be a better way!  I sat down sans shower (you do realize how painful a shower after chafing is…) to begin my research on the interwebs.

Most of my research discussed how to position the HRM (above, below, under, over) some suggested that the strap was not tight enough or that I buy another type of strap through Garmin.

Forging ahead with my extremely important self delegated research assignment, I stumbled upon bras with built-in-HRMs.  I’m sure there are more out there and if you’d like me to wear them and let you know what I think I’d be happy to test them out for you and then keep them. for.ever.

  1. LuLuLemon All Sport Bra *Heart Rate Monitor  ($64.00) – My fave high end workout lounging apparel –  They took the All Sport Bra and integrated sensors directly into its construction. They made the transmitter snaps on the front with market-standard spacing so you can pop in any heart-rate monitor you choose.

    LuLuLemon All Sports Bra Heart Rate Monitor

    LuLuLemon All Sports Bra Heart Rate Monitor

  2. NuMetrex Heart Rate Monitoring Sports Bra ($49.50) – Never heard of them before!  They work only with the Polar WearLink Transmitter and compatible watches. It also connects with most fitness machines like spinning bikes and elliptical trainers with integrated monitoring devices.

    NuMetrex Heart Sensing Control Sports Bra

    NuMetrex Heart Sensing Control Sports Bra

  3. Polar USA Cardio Sports Bra ($49.95) – Only compatible with Polar WearLink® Transmitter, training computers and heart rate compatible equipment.

    Polar Cardio Sports Bra

    Polar Cardio Sports Bra

  4. Polar Heart Rate Bra ($34.95) – A good option if you don’t want to have the transmitters built in! A bra that enables you to slip the transmitter belt into it when you want. You can also take the transmitter out when you don’t want to use it, making this bra very versatile.

    Polar Heart Rate Bra

    Polar Heart Rate Bra

  5. PureLime Maximum Control Wire-free Sports Bra ($100.00) – a little pricey for my liking… features heart rate sensors on the inside lower band under the cups, and outside ports that are compatible with all heart rate transmitters with snap attachment.

    PureLime Maximum Control Wire-free Sports Bra

    PureLime Maximum Control Wire-free Sports Bra

  6. Adidas SUPERNOVA GLIDE BRA ($55.00) – Adidas it must be decent! High-performance design with miCoach-compatible bonded sensors.


  8. ADIDAS BY STELLA MCCARTNEY – TENNIS PERFORMANCE BRA ($35.00) – Ohh celebrity swaggg! Worn by Caroline Wozniacki.



I always wear Moving Comfort sports bra b/c they are the best support for my little massive friends. It might be a good idea to try any of the above out, the only problem I have with these sports bras is that you’d either need multiple ones or to only use your heart rate monitor once or twice a week…

Do you have problems with HRMs and chafing? Have you tried any of the bras listed above? If so, what did you think??

4 thoughts on “Heart Rate Monitor Sport Bras

  1. Wow, while reading your post I felt like you were documenting my life/thoughts! I too have fought the HRM strap and had the horrific chafing to prove it (oh so attractive in summer bikini season). When I came across your post of bras that had the HRM built-in, it was like Christmas in July.

    In my research … #s1, 4 & 8 no longer exist. I did find the website http://www.lessbounce.com (already, the name is promising as it must mean they sell sports bras that protect ‘the girls’). Great customer service, and lots of good stuff on the website.

    I bought the Berlei Podium Heart Rate Monitor Sports Bra and I LOVE it. Good fit, good style, my Timex HR pod snaps right on. After 7 miles, ‘no’ chafing (ok, just a teeny tiny little bit from the pod itself, but a little Body Glide stopped that on the next run).

    I bought and returned the Pure Lime Heart Rate Monitor Sports Bra as the fit wasn’t right and I did not like the style. (The size of 34D was the “British” version, which was a size too small, and I didn’t feel like the hassle of returning, getting a new size, etc., especially as I wasn’t crazy about the style)

    One thing I found that has helped too is buying the bras a band size on the smaller side. I am between 34 & 36 D, and the 34D is a much better choice – it hugs my body tightly enough that it doesn’t move/slide, especially after miles of sweating.

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