#ChillyChallenge – #TeamGiraffe

chilly challenge

chilly challenge

I recently stumbled upon a bloggy chick’s (Janine) website called The Purple Giraffe. Her mottos is “working off my ass, toppin’ off my glass!” She might be my Blogger Soul Mate but the jury is still out on that one… She too likes to imbibe… a lot. and likes to run… a lot. This would be a WIN/WIN Situation in the Dunder Mifflin Conflict Resolution Handbook. (yes, that was a The Office reference).

Anywhoos.  She and one of her bloggy friends (Amy) over at Running Escapades started the #ChillyChallenge and I’ve signed up.

I'm On Team Giraffe #chillychallenge

I’m On Team Giraffe #chillychallenge

The Jist (pulled from their blogs):

Run: Starting TOMORROW! January 1, get your butt moving! Run, walk or move as often as possible.

Report: Log your miles on the Chilly Challenge spreadsheet. Update your miles and stay accountable to your teammates on Twitter by using hashtag #ChillyChallenge #TeamEscapades or #TeamGiraffe 

Tell Your Friends: The bigger the team, the better the chances of winning! Tweet, get your Facebook friends in on the competition – tell everyone you know to join the challenge (preferably Team Giraffe, haha)!


Moving: January sucks. It’ll suck a whole lot less if you stay moving through the month instead of going into hibernation on your couch. Especially when you’re hitting the beach for spring break or family vacation come March or April.
Motivation: It’s easy to stay motivated when it’s a gorgeous day outside, but when it’s cold, raw and dreary out, it’s not nearly as easy! That’s where we come in – stay motivated for your team and for your chance to WIN!
Your Best Happy Self: “Exercise releases endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people don’t kill their husbands” – (Legally Blonde) Get moving!
SWAG: Free stuff? Sign me up. Their favorite companies have joined in our our challenge as sponsors, which means you have the chance to win some great gear just for participating – and even more if your team wins!


Head on over to their blogs to see a list of the sweet sweet swag the winning team gets! Sign up for the challenge and get your buns moving!  OOOH! They are also selling awesome shirts you can buy to wear while running… heyo!

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