Today’s workout: (Total 5 miles)

35 Minutes on the Elliptical

30 Minutes on this crazy cyborg leg machine (I’m still earning my wings at the gym and hop on whatever is open…)


While I was training for the marathon through the American Cancer Society DetermiNation Program, I was assigned a mentor.  (I know you’re thinking… “if she mentions the NYC Marathon and/or cancellation one more time I’m going to boycott her blog”… but hear me out! ) A mentor is someone who checks in on you to make sure you’re meeting your fundraising goals and doing ok with the program, they are there to ask questions and be a supporter. They are not George Costanza delegating assignments on risk management…

(None of this is all that relevant to you but its my blog and I can cry if I want to!)

When the marathon was cancelled I decided to see how I could get involved in mentoring because I had such a great experience with my mentor and really came to love the people I was training with.  Not too long after the cancellations the girlie in charge Sarah sent out an e-mail asking if anyone was interested in being a mentor for the Spring 2013 Season.  Specifically for the NYC Half Marathon, NJ Half & Full Marathons.  Without hesitation I applied to be a mentor.  I hadn’t planned to run the NYC Half (its a lottery system, and I didn’t want to have to try and squeeze more money out of my friends and family by fundraising), but I figured I’d sign up as a mentor, keep training with them, and possibly sign up for the DC Rock ‘n’ Roll Half the same weekend.  But eventually I decided to enter the lottery for the race anyway… nothing to lose!

I’m excited to be a mentor to some scaredy cat first timers. I know I was once one of them and can provide lots of valuable fundraising tips. I’m sure I’ll be posting about our weekly workouts on here, especially since one of my running goals this year is to be better at cross training (see above for today’s “cross training” workout!)

To my complete joy, right before the “Christmas Break” I received an e-mail notifying me that I WON THE LOTTERY!  The NYC Half Marathon Lottery that is!  My training/mentoring has a purpose! Nor would I have to try and find a hotel in DC…

NYC Half Acceptance

NYC Half Acceptance

This past Saturday marked our  kick-off pracitice.  We had a quick meeting to introduce ourselves then proceeded to our first training run of the season!  It was a short run 3.5 miles but a good to get going on this training and see the gang and newbie first timey running virgins. I’ve seriously missed them (the oldies… I’m sure I’ll miss the newbies too at some point).  There are still spots open for the half marathon & if you’re interested you can sign up here.  We have fun, like to drink, or not drink and eat or not eat, but ultimately its great people all coming together because we’re masochists and want to support a great cause..

Running for a cause people! Run.ning. for. a. cause.



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