Tuesdays with Ramon

Today’s Workout

4.69 Miles working on Effort Levels

(Once I get my garmin linked up to the computer I’ll start putting up those stats… WOO HOO exciting stuff!!)


Ohhhh Tuesday.  Tuesday marked the beginning of the Tuesday Night workouts with ACS.  I both love and LOATHE these nights because they are the “technical” workouts.  Technical = harder.  Teaching old dogs new tricks or something like that.

DetermiNators before our chilly run. I'm in the middle.

DetermiNators before our chilly run. I’m in the middle.

Our coach Ramon likes to kick our aces while also telling us to “behave.”  He’s hilarious and an awesome coach.  It’s like Tuesdays with Morrie, except not and the guy’s name is Ramon.

Tuesdays with Ramon

Ramon (pic stolen from fellow DetermiNator)

Tuesday’s workout was about effort levels for those with experience running, and with those with no prior half marathon experience it was about upper body, form and breathing.

I did the experienced workout… obvi!

We ran 3 laps around the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir in Central Park.  About 4.69 miles in total (per my trusty garmin 210).

During these miles we did 6 lamp posts at 80% and 3 lamp posts at 70%.  I always find these difficult because at 80% I want to be running harder and at 70% you don’t really get the recovery.  I also find it hard to count the lamp posts…. seriously.  I work with numbers every day but counting posts. HARD. I always count incorrectly or get distracted while talking to the other runners. Its like when people hand me the bill at dinner… uhm. maybe if you gave me a calculator or excel…

I heart spreadsheets


Will someone buy this for me?

I digress…

I of course started this run out too fast at an 8:30 minute mile and in total averaged a 9:08 mile.  In hind sight this whole workout was faster than I should be but if I’m going to get faster I should start out pushing harder (at least that is what I am telling myself).

While we run around the reservoir (why does this word have an extra R in it) the coaches ask us how we’re doing and point out form errors to help us correct.

I need to work on relaxing my upper body apparently because I was “twisting’ (see my post on my seriously ugly race pics for an example of what this looks like).

I felt really great after the run except that I was very achy in my neck and upper body, thought this was a result of my terrible form.  I got on the bus to go back home and then crashed. HARD.  The rest of the night was spent on the couch, whining… not wine-ing.  waaah.  I took “Tussin” and “Nyquil” and called it a night. I really felt terrible. Fingers crossed its not the FLU. gross.

OH! One last thing… I was featured on “Seriously Ugly Race Pics” Tumblr… click HERE to check out the pic and laugh.

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