Back up & Running!

Hi, I’m a blogger  and its been about 1 week since my last post…

Sorry peeps, I know its been a week and you are all DYING to know what I’ve been up to.  Unfortunately, it was not something cool like being on an exotic island, but something far less cool, such as a Sinus Infection.

I wrote last week after my Tuesday night run that I was all hopped up on over-the-counter meds and was praying it wasn’t the flu.  Well it wasn’t!! AMEN. But it was pretty terrible, and of course being as stubborn as I am, waited until I couldn’t feel my face (Saturday) to go to urgent care to get some sort of relief (antibiotics and nasal spray that smells like flowers).  Then I slept. For hours. You’re welcome for all the self-deprecating boring pictures in this post.

Me & Buddy Sickies

Look how swollen my left nostril is… not normal! Oh and that’s buddy sitting in my lap. He’s a lapdogcat

I spent Thursday – Saturday watching hours of daytime awful television, aka anything on Bravo (RealHousewives of any City, except ATL (can’t do it), Millionaire Matchmaker (she’s nuts), Rachel Ray (I hate the way she says spaghetti, its 100x worse then Giada)) and actually rented a movie… Frankenweenie (anyone ever see this?? B/C I still don’t understand the “weenie” part to this, unless the dog was supposed to be a Daschund, tres confused). Oh and its not enough that I was sick but my Buddy was also sick with conjunctivitis, so I had to bring him to the vet, while I neglected to bring myself. #catlady #hessohandsome

Buddy at the vet

Am I a bad mom for taking a pic of my furbabe at the vet?

LOTR & Hubs on his indoor bike

This is how my Saturday went… LOTR on the big screen & Hubs on his indoor bike… not a bad view.

Now that I’m back up and… running (get it!?). I felt well enough to write and get caught up on all ya’ll’s blog posts. (I wish I was southern?)

Last night I ran for the first time in a week with my ACS peeps. I love them. Nicest people you’ll ever meet, all with big hearts. We did Fartleks. hehe fart. (I am a child)  AND the running store we meet at called Urban Athletics, opened a sale for us runners with 50% all the clothes in the store, I may have bought something or 2…

The Workout:

We ran 3 minutes at 80% effort level, 2 minutes at 85% effort level and 1 minute at 90% effort level with a 2 minute recovery in between each, (repeating this for 45 minutos.  I actually really enjoyed the workout, (my highschool indoor track coach would be so proud. Hi Shemayne!!) it pushed us but not too much and it made the 5 miles go by quickly. Overall avg pace was 9:20… not bad after the week I had! Oh… I did get “yelled” at by Ed to work on my arms and by Ramon to shorten my stride… I am a mess.

I  ran this with a girl named Sara who is running about the same pace as me and had a super cute LuLu jacket on, jealousssssss.  We chatted on our recoveries and kept each other on point for this workout.  Really nice girlie, I was so happy to find someone who runs the same pace as me and is social, since the girl I ran with last year isn’t running this year. tears.

I think that’s it for now… since its Wednesday I will post again later with my “wine down” post… even though I haven’t really been drinking much wine, ya know being antibiotics and all.

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