Manna Mondays – Shrimp Vermicelli

Its Monday!

All efforts to be healthy and work out more have been kind of put to the backburner… not entirely but “kind of.”

Last Tuesday I started a new job.  Which meant lack of time to run, write and take really great care of myself.  The even better news is that the place I work offers free breakfast, free lunch and the pantry stocked 100% of the time with pretty much everything I LOVE. We’re talking Polly-O String Cheese people! Cool Ranch Doritos! York Peppermint Patties!! Bagel Fridays with LOX. I kid you not I’ve landed in the mecca of the stocked work pantries. And no I do not work at Google. They also offer healthy options which I have been participating in… I hoarded the fresh fruit this morning with my banana yogurt. I LOVE KIWI and kiwi they had. I ate that kiwi so fast it was like watching George Costanza help himself to shrimp… (yes, another Seinfeld reference. Get used to it). I also have been ordering juices for lunch and large salads, ya know “it’s a salad only bigger, with lots of stuff in it.”

I can actually hear myself getting fatter….

So in honor of my recent overabundance of manna, I’m starting Manna Mondays!

Tonight’s “Manna” was Thai.  I grew up in a household chock full of Italian foods. Pasta all the time, breaded chicken, veal, yada yada. Thai was not something I tried until I traveled to London the first time at 16 and I didn’t like it.  Something about Thai basil tasting like fennel, blah.  For the next 9 years, I did not eat thai food again until hubs took me to a thai restaurant in Ramsey, NJ called “Gao.”  It would be there that I discovered “Shrimp Clay Pot.”  Excited that I actually liked something thai, we bought a thai cook book and the rest is history.

Tonight we made Shrimp Vermicelli from the cookbook “Complete Thai Cooking.” Its delicious, easy to make and healthy! The noodles are made from mung beans and everything else is fresh and healthy! The only thing is if you’re not going to cook asian style meals you may be investing in ingredients you wont use regularly.

Here’s our version of their recipe…

Ingredients: (Serves 2 or 3 people)

  • 3 slices of Bacon
  • 8 tbsp skim milk (sub for whole, we don’t keep whole milk in the house)
  • 1 tsp dark soy sauce
  • 3 tbsp oyster sauce
  • A few cloves of garlic chopped
  • Handful of cilantro chopped
  • Red pepper flakes or other thai bird chili if you like a lil heat and have them around the casa… we never have those in the casa.
  • Fresh black pepper
  • Approx. 1 tbsp of ginger root, peeled and cut into strips or chopped
  • About 8oz  of bean thread noodles (mung bean) – follow cooking instructions on package if you can read chinese or you can soak them in hot water until they’re ready to be thrown in and make sure to drain them first
  • Raw shrimp (we just cook with however many we want to eat)
Shrimp Clay Pot -All Ingredients

Shrimp Clay Pot -All Ingredients & My Vino

How to:

  • Combine the dry ingredients in a bowl (all the chopped goodness)
Shrimp Clay Pot -Dry Ingredients

Shrimp Clay Pot -Dry Ingredients

  • We put the bacon in the pan, no oil.  Cook until edible, remove the bacon and then eat the bacon. Eating the bacon is a requirement, if you throw it out your meal will be ruined
  • Once you’ve removed the bacon and eaten it, let the oil cool a few minutos and toss the dry ingredient (garlic, cilantro, ginger, red pepper flakes) into the bacon oil/fat.  Sauté until softened and aromatic.
Shrimp Clay Pot -Dry Ingredients in Wok

Shrimp Clay Pot -Dry Ingredients in Wok

  • Then add in the noodles and wet ingredients, stir and cover over low heat.  You may run out of wet ingredients, we usually add in extra milk or just some water to wet it.
Shrimp Clay Pot -Noodles in Wok

Shrimp Clay Pot -Noodles in Wok

  • After about 10ish minutes (it’s not science it’s cooking) add in the “Trimps” (if anyone gets this Birdcage reference I will be BLOWN away, Agador Spartacus style) and cook until those bad boys are pink and curled a little.
  • Then you’re done and you made Thai food and you’re fancy.
Shrimp Clay Pot -Finished Result

Shrimp Clay Pot -Finished Result

In the words of  Jacque Pepin…

“Happy Cooking!”