Friday Funnies – 11 Things Non-Runners Say to Runners

I stumbled upon this post at

Its sooo true and funny!  I just had to share.

“Do you sometimes get the feeling that your non-running friends just don’t always fully understand you? Maybe they ask you questions about running and you don’t even know how to respond. For example, don’t you just hate when they offer their deepest regrets when they hear that you didn’t win the race this past weekend?

Check out this list of 11 more humorous things non-runners say to runners.

1) You’re running another marathon? How long is this one going to be?

2) Where do you run to?

3) Did you win?

4) You ran how many miles? Oh, I get tired just driving that far.

5) You are going to hurt your knees.

6) Running is boring. Wouldn’t you rather do something more fun?

7) Why do you run if you don’t win?

8) You ran in this weather?

9) Runner: I dropped 5 seconds in my race yesterday!
Non-runner: I’m sorry.

10) Man those 3-mile marathons take a lot out of me.

11) You only ran a half marathon?

Have your non-runner friends ever said anything along these lines? Comment below and share some of the humorous things your friends and family have said to you.”

 Happy Friday!

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