NYC PurpleStride 2013 & My first 5k!


This past weekend was chuck-a-buck full of running, friends, family and more running.

PanCan PurpleStride 2013

PanCan PurpleStride 2013

The first race I had this weekend was the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network’s Purple Stride. The event which is an annual run/walk raised over $580k for Pancreatic Cancer research, awareness, etc.  It was also my first 5k.  YES.  Girlfrennnn can train for a marathon but has never raced 3.1… Well all that changed on Saturday.

I don’t think I was prepared or knowledgeable on how to approach this “sprint distance.”  The night before the race, Hubs and I went to dinner with his friend from the womb and his wife at this place in Ho-Ho-Kus, NJ called St. Eves.  Its BYOB sooooo we had a fair amount of vino (of course) and ate more then I am now used to eating.  (Remind me, I still have to do a post on the Blue Print Cleanse for you…).  But it was soooo good & compared to NYC prices, moderate.  I loved the decor, very cozy, perfect for a baby/bridal shower too! It also did not hurt that we had a hilarious waiter to keep us entertained as if the wine wasn’t enough to do so.  I love a good double date night and they are excellent company.

Saturday morning was cold and windy.  I ended up running in shorts (dummy) and three shirts. THREE. Check out my “cool” running outfit below and note how it looks like I’m wearing a polo shirt with the collar popped.  Its a mock-turtle-neck-zip-up jacket from Champion for Target circa 3 yrs ago.  Get over it.

Will & I at PurpleStride2013

Will & I at PurpleStride 2013 being silly & my bougie popped collar

I approached this race as I do 99% of my races and went out too fast.  Like, 7 minute mile fast… which is tiny bit too fast since I normally run high 8s.  I’m still patting myself on the back for being a smart runner.  This race took place in Riverside Park (NYC).  To my surprise there were a fair share of hills, also not prepared for, which included an pretty steep incline in the first uhmm let’s say 500 yards. So I went out too fast and had to tackle a hill I was unprepared for.  At this point the race can really only go down hill from here.

See what I did there?

I finished the race in 27 minutos, making my avg pace 8:45.  Not bad considering I had no clue how to run this! Oh and I finished with a bloody toe… may be losing mah toe nail. #runnerproblems

PanCan Purple Stride 2013 Race Results

PanCan Purple Stride 2013 Race Results

Lessons Learned:

  1. Look at race map/topography before said race
  2. Stop going out too fast
  3. Don’t excessively eat or drink the night before even if its “only a 5k” (they are harder than you’d think…)
  4. Brooks running shoes possibly cause bleeding toe nails
  5. Awkward family photos happen at races that involve step & repeats
  6. Posing awkwardly when having a bloody toe is the only way to pose
  7. I am short

Positive notes from this run:

  • I met 3 new people who run and live in Hoboken (one of whom runs my pace, woo hoo! new running partner!)
  • Spent time with one of my favorite running friends who lost his mom to Pancreatic Cancer
  • Ran into my little sissy’s friend Pam!
  • Wore fun items in a step & repeat
  • Helped Pancreatic Cancer Action Network – NYC raise over $580k
    Will, Hubs, Me & New Running Friends at PurpleStride2013

    Will, Hubs, Me & New Running Friends at PurpleStride2013

    Will & I at PurpleStride2013

    Will & I at PurpleStride 2013 & my awkward leg


One thought on “NYC PurpleStride 2013 & My first 5k!

  1. So I wanted to “like” and comment on this post last night, but I wasn’t logged into wordpress, and i had a huge bowl of ice cream on my lap so it really seemed like too much effort! haha I CANNOT BELIEVE you’ve never run a 5K before! OMG….just go for the gold marathon running, huh!? That’s great though, and for such a great cause! I feel bad that you’re legs were underdressed and cold and that your toe may or may not fall off, but it seriously cracks me up with the mock turtleneck zip up…only KGeets would wear preppy athletic gear! Keep up the great work! Also, Im really interested in hearing more about the Blue Print Cleanse, so HOPEFULLY you’ll do a post on it soon! (can you tell i’m just trying to force you to post more?! haha – not like I should talk seeing as how my posts for erinhasthoughts are few and far between…but in my defense, its because i’m working on a new “project” eht247, which is linked below. check it out if you want!)

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